John Cure, Board of Managers

Tom VaughnJohn Cure agreed to join the Company’s Board of Managers in October 2016. John Cure is new to the chemical industry but has founded multiple agricultural companies over his 40 years in business.

John Cure and his brothers started a farming operation in late 1970s, and soon thereafter they began a cattle feeding operation, known as 5 Star Feedlot. He recently retired from the cattle feeding business, but not until after significant growth. Today, the operation feeds 60,000 head of cattle annually and has well over $100 million in annual sales.

During his time in eastern Colorado, John and his brothers founded multiple real estate investment firms with over 80,000 acres of agriculture property, two agricultural freight companies, and a custom farming/ag maintenance operation.

In recent years, John transitioned away from the feedlot allowing his children to manage the day-to-day operations and allowing himself to diversify his business opportunities beyond the family operation. In 2007, John was the founding member of First FarmBank in Greeley, CO. In 2015, he became a shareholder in the Bank of Burlington. In early 2016, John helped found a flour mill / grain processing operation in Texas; he currently sits on the board for Panhandle Milling, LLC. He also currently serves on the Colorado Agricultural Development Authority, the Colorado Agricultural Value-Added Board, and the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee