Strategic Relationships

technip logo
Technip SA (“Technip”) provides project management, engineering and construction services for the energy industry. Technip is a world leader in cracker technology including the cracker technology of Stone & Webster which Technip acquired. It has approximately 38,000 employees and operates in 48 countries and had 2014 revenues of $11.5B.

Badlands will utilize Technip's ethylene technology license and design, based upon the existing Technip 1.53 million MT ethane cracker design under construction at this time (on the Gulf Coast) for Dow, Chevron Phillips and SASOL. These three Technip crackers are being shop fabricated and modularly delivered directly to installation locations on the Gulf Coast. The same Technip cracker can be delivered “on the water” to the Badlands’ Midwest facility location.
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S&B Engineers and Constructors ("S&B") is the EPC contractor for Badlands Alpha Olefins project. S&B is a privately owned, fully integrated engineering, procurement and construction firm based in Houston. For the last 48 years, S&B has serviced a diverse set of industries including midstream, refining, petrochemical, chemical, power and infrastructure companies. S&B is currently performing the EPC services with average revenue of $1.8 billion per year. Chevron's 1-Hexene Plant Built by S&B earned the 2014 ABC Houston Chapter Prestigious Excellence in Construction Award for 2014. Direct hire construction volume averages over 10M work-hours each year, with projects employing over 2000 site personnel.
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Univation Technologies (“Univation”) was formed in 1997 as a joint venture between ExxonMobil Chemical Company and The Dow Chemical Company, with the assets of Union Carbide . In the mid-1990s, ExxonMobil Chemical Company developed the first commercial single-site metallocene catalysts for use in the UNIPOL™ PE Process. Under Univation stewardship, numerous catalyst and process enhancements have taken place. These include the development of bimodal catalysts, enabling the production of bimodal film resins in a single reactor.

Univation is the world’s largest licensor of technology for the manufacture of polyethylene with a market share of 25%. In the U.S., Univation is by far the most accepted technology by compounders and manufacturers of finished plastic products.

Badlands and Univation have executed license agreements for each of the proposed plants in North Dakota and the Midwest.
Tecnicas Reunidas Logo
Tecnicas Reunidas ("TR") is the principal EPC contractor for Badlands' PE projects. TR specializes in EPC work based on a LSTK basis and guarantees work will be on time and on budget. In 2013, TR was the 7th largest worldwide EPC by market, and the 3rd largest EPC in the Middle East with a 2014 backlog of $9.3B.

Badlands and TR have signed an MOU for a 12 month FEED/OBE project for a fixed price including the cost for all long lead time items. TR has guaranteed that all engineering and long lead time procurement will be accomplished during this time period for a set price and that the sum specified would be Badlands’ maximum financial exposure.
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Vinmar Projects ("VP") provides expertise and offtake services to various greenfield polyolefin and large-scale petrochemical manufacturing projects around the world. VP provides feasibility studies and initial planning, selection of EPC partners and oversight to projects during the construction phase. VP is an affiliate of Houston, Texas based Vinmar International ("Vinmar"); the second largest private company in Houston, Texas. Vinmar has a highly successful 35-year track record in the petrochemicals and polymers industries. Vinmar is engaged in export sales of polyolefin products (primarily to the Southern, Eastern and Northern Asian markets), project development as well as the merchant banking purchase and management of domestic specialty chemicals and polymers businesses. Vinmar is known as the world’s leading marketer of polyolefin products to Asia. Badlands’ CEO has had working relationships with Vinmar and its affiliates dating back to the 1980's.