Robert L. Goodbinder, General Counsel

Robert GoodbinderRobert’s thirty-eight years of diverse experience as an attorney and entrepreneur provides him with a unique background to advise and provide solutions to issues presented daily as General Counsel to Badlands NGLs, LLC.
Robert graduated from The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin with a BBA with honors in Marketing Administration/International trade in 1974. He went on to law school at the University of Nebraska, School of Law earning a Juris Doctorate degree in 1977.
He then moved to Colorado and started his career as a legal services attorney with Colorado Rural Legal Services. In 1980 Robert opened his solo law offices specializing in real estate and business law in Grand Junction and Telluride, Colorado
In 1980 Robert was appointed as the Presiding Municipal Judge for four different Colorado municipalities. He served in those capacities for twenty years until his relocation from Telluride to Denver in 2000.
In 1988 Robert relocated to Telluride and Robert’s company, Ridgway Marina Inc. was selected by the Colorado Department of Parks and Outdoor Recreation to serve as the developer and operator of a full-service marina and related concessions at the newly constructed Ridgway State Recreation Area for a thirty-year term. After one year of successful operations the marina and thirty-year concession agreement were sold to a new owner-operator. In 1989 Robert reopened his solo law practice in Telluride. In the years that followed Robert served in a variety of roles including stints working on special projects for a number of national law firms throughout the United States. These projects included, among others, research-writing and as part of a specialized team performing investigations of certain financial transactions involving real estate entered into by failed federally insured savings and loan associations. The reports generated by the investigations and analysis were used in the subsequent prosecution of liability claims against the officers, directors and other employees of the failed institutions by the Resolution Trust Corporation. Robert also served as a tax arbitrator for San Miguel County and the City and County of Denver. During that time Robert also served as in-house counsel for a Merchant Banker involved in a variety of businesses located throughout the United States as well as regional counsel for a national savings and loan association.
The practice was closed in Telluride in 2000 and Robert relocated to Denver opening a new solo law practice specializing in real estate and business law. In Denver Robert developed an expertise in and worked on a number of wireless deployment projects providing site acquisition and land use/zoning activities for a number of national cellular and wireless facilities companies, as well as special projects for Sirius Satellite Radio and American Tower Corporation.
In 2014 Robert closed his practice and joined Badlands as a Senior Advisor. In 2015 Robert was named General Counsel to the company.