Greg Sattler

Construction Manager

Greg as Construction Manager is responsible for all construction activities at Badlands NGLs.  This includes constructability, field construction operations, and site safety. 

Greg is a specialist in establishing and managing EPC Projects and Turn Arounds of both large scale and small. Greg brings over twenty five years’ experience in Management of  large and small operations.  Greg has a successful track record that has gained him several assignments in Project Recovery situations in which schedule and budget were in jeopardy.

Greg has experience with the complete life cycle of Programs \ Projects including  Project Development, Engineering Management, Project Funding, Staff Development, Risk Assessment \ Management, Cost Estimating, Schedule Development and Project Execution Planning.

Greg has managed, coordinated, and executed Construction and Turn Arounds for Fluor, KBR, Conoco, Alstom Energy, Navasota Energy, BP Refining & Marketing, BP Chemical, BP Alternative Energy and BP Cogeneration.

Management experience includes extensive knowledge of Refining, Chemicals, Power Generation and Alternative Energy. Greg also has experience in routine maintenance and coordinating with operations in an operating environment.  

Capital Project experience includes but not limited to: Project Manager for EPC of three electrical generation facilities (1000 mega-watt) in Texas and numerous refining projects including the ABF Flare Project at the BP Refinery (two million man-hours) in Texas City.  Project Manager for an EPC project in the “high profile” Manufacturing Area Building Program at the BP Refinery in Texas City.

Recovery Projects include Site Construction Manager for the construction and commissioning of Wind Farms located in western Kansas, Iowa and North Dakota.  These projects were at risk of forfeiting Production Tax Credits if not completed by the scheduled generation date.  All three projects were completed on time and did receive PTC’s.  Alstom Energy was under the penalty of liquidated damages of fifty thousand dollars per calendar day at the Red Hills Generating Facility in Ackerman, Mississippi.  Greg implemented a plan to expedite fabrication and delivery of Coal Fluidized Bed components to minimize financial impact.   Production was increased and liquidated damages were negotiated to minimum charges due to not only getting deliveries current but ahead of schedule. 
Most recently Greg served as Executive Director of Industrial Services for Kellogg, Brown & Root (KBR).  In this capacity Greg was responsible for the following Business Units, Construction Services, Maintenance Services, Boiler Services and Turn Arounds \ Outage Services. 

Greg was a key player for Mergers & Acquisitions of businesses that would enhance KBR’s market share in the Industrial Services Business. 

Greg worked in several of BP’s Business Units in many different roles from 2000 to 2012.  He began in 2000 at the BP Texas City Refinery as Site Manager for Fluor \ P2S.  He was responsible for Turn Around Execution, Capital Projects and Routine Maintenance.  In 2005 Greg joined BP’s Turn Around Group as Project Coordinator for the ABF Flare Program.  In 2008 he moved into the Alternative Energy Business Unit where he worked as a Site Manager during the construction of the Flat Ridge Wind Farm located in western Kansas.  In 2010 Greg was moved to the BP Cogeneration Business Unit to serve as TAR Manager for South Houston Green Power, and served in a support role for Watson Cogeneration and Whiting Clean Energy.  At the time of Greg’s departure from BP he was a Senior Project Manager in the Refining and Marketing Business Unit. 

Greg received a BS in Business Administration and Management from Sacramento University.  He is a member of the Project Management Institute and a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).