Glenn Golenberg, Senior Advisor and Acting CFO

Glenn Golenberg
Glenn Golenberg agreed to join the Company’s Board of Managers on May 2015. Glenn has been a professional colleague of William Gilliam since 1983, when Glenn’s Firm invested in Bill’s first chemical industry leveraged buyout, ChemDesign Corporation. Mr. Glenn is a cod founder and Managing Director of Golenberg & Company, a merchant banking firm founded in 1978. Mr. Golenberg is also Managing Director of The Bellwether Group.
Glenn Golenberg is an experienced investment banking professional with more than three decades of private equity investment, merchant banking and corporate advisory operations, including strategy and governance. Mr. Golenberg has been involved in all aspects of corporate growth, advising a full range of clients, from entrepreneurs, private and public corporations, to family offices and private equity funds.
Mr. Golenberg, who is an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, as well as a CPA and is known for successfully challenging operations, business models, strategies, underlying assumptions, operating performance and leadership development to achieve sustainable competitive advantage. As a result of these activities, Mr. Golenberg has access to a vast network of experienced lawyers, accountants, investment banks, high-level executives, as well as private equity, venture capital and family offices throughout the world.
Prior to 1966, Mr. Golenberg was a CPA with Arthur Andersen & Co. From 1966 to 1973, he was associated with McDonald & Company, a leading regional investment- banking firm headquartered in Cleveland, where he served as co- director of research and subsequently a general partner, serving in Corporate Finance in 1970.
In 1973, he and other partners bought a controlling interest in Joseph, Mellen & Miller. The firm later merged with J.N. Russell, a New York Stock Exchange member, with Mr. Golenberg serving as President and Chief Executive Officer. That firm was sold to Prescott, Ball & Turben in 1978.
Over the course of his career, Mr. Golenberg has arranged financings in excess of $2 billion and has served as a financial advisor in more than 200 transactions, with clients in a variety of industries both domestically and abroad. In addition, he and investors have purchased control of several private companies.
Mr. Golenberg has been chairman and director of 26 organizations—11 public and 15 private companies. He is currently actively involved with a number of companies, and is a Director of Globalturk Capital, MD Solutions, and Outsource Partners Inc (Senior Advisor).
During his career, Mr. Golenberg also has advised numerous charitable, cultural, and educational institutions, including Cedarsd Sinai Medical Center Board of Governors, Wilshire Boulevard Temple, Jewish Community Foundation, Los Angeles Jewish Federation, United Jewish Fund, Kennedy Center’s National Committee for the Performing Arts, Wharton Graduate Board, USC Visiting Committee, Miami University
(Ohio) Business Advisory Board and Case Western Reserve University d Weatherhead School of Management.